Why Bizar

Why Bizar

Bizar Entertainment is an event entertainment company based in the Chicagoland area. Boasting over three decades of experience in the field, Bizar operates on the principle that an event should be more than just a date on the calendar…it should be a memorable, once in a lifetime event! 

Jeff Bizar and the Bizar team have spent years establishing strong connections with our clients and community. Bizar is first and foremost a family business – whether you’ve worked with us for years or are just hearing about us for the first time, we consider you to be part of our family.

We make the entertainment decision process easy.  We provide expert guidance every step of the way to ensure that your event goes smoothly, allowing you to enjoy every minute of it.  Click on our video and learn about our unique way we prepare all of our clients to realize the celebration of their dreams!

Bizar recently interviewed a sample of clients and vendors and here is what they called “The Bizar Difference!”


1.  Extraordinary Talent

Because we are an industry leader we attract the top talent in the business. Our team is some of the top chorographers in the area and have opened up for Artists like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, LMFAO. You can find them in the community teaching classes at places like DanceED in Northbrook and Northshore in Highland park. Our entertainers understand the importance of putting the Guest of Honor in the spotlight and are specialists at audience participation and involvement.

2.  Unequal Customer Service

With three decades and 10,000 + MItzvaha’s under our belt , our first goal is to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients. We provide personalized and timely assistance, resolve issues promptly and affectively and consistently delivers exceptional experiences. Our hands on owner believes on building strong relationships and personally is involved in every event making sure its unique to each client.

3. Innovative Production

We have unique offerings, cutting edge approaches, advanced audio and video equipment that help us deliver a fresh and memorable experience. We are the only entertainment company in the area that have lighting and special affect designers on staff.

4.  Volume

We are aware this is the number one complaint in our industry.  We have purchased special speakers that are easily turnable so there is the proper volume on the dance floor while adults can talk at their tables.  

5.  Motivational Speakers

Because we spend our mid-week doing assemblies at schools-it effects everything we do.   A common example is taking into consideration the social emotional well being of all.  For example during a snowball-we keep it simple and low key and quickly invite everyone up to dance.  For those who choose not to-our staff is trained on creating mini-relationships so they feel good vs disappointed or sad. 


6.  Family Business

Our name is on the sign and that means we will do anything to ensure success for our clients. We are easy to get ahold of-call people back right away-and love helping our customers!

When you partner with Bizar, you’re getting more than just a DJ. You’re getting trained dancers, powerful emcees, motivational speakers, epic music selections, and so much more. We promise a memorable experience for all attendees. Our all-star staff is equipped to get everyone moving, no matter their age.

Taking the stress out of planning your event!