Don’t Feel Like Dancing? Try these Party Alternatives

Here at Bizar Entertainment, we help plan and execute terrific dance parties for clients all the time. But what if you are looking for an alternative type party?

Some kids are embarrassed or intimidated at the thought of dancing. Some just flat out don’t like it.  And let’s face it–some adults are wallflowers too. Most people, however, love hearing music at a bat or bar mitzvah, birthday bash or other events. Adding a dancefloor to the mix, though, might not be what you are looking for.

We get asked all the time, how do you keep the fun flowing if there is no dancing?

To develop an inclusive event that everyone is excited and comfortable at just takes a bit of creative thinking.

And here’s the good news…we’ve got you covered. Our planners have a ton of experience planning events where dancing isn’t a piece of the party puzzle. So don’t you worry–we’ll take the dancing off the agenda without missing a step.

Let it flow

Putting together a fun, unforgettable party is a matter of format and flow. Most parties follow a standard structure. Here’s how a typical throwdown goes down:

  • Meet and greet–Most events start with a cocktail reception. For a kid’s party, we forego the booze and serve non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Opening dance set–This gets the party in motion.
  • Intro, formalities and main meal–Here’s where we toast, reminisce and present. It’s also time to chow down.
  • Main dance–Now, the dancing gets serious.  
  • Dessert and media event–Here, sweets are served.   This is also one of the places a montage may be shown.
  • Final dance set–We like to send guests off with a bang.

Now, you might look at that schedule and say, “There’s a LOT of dancing in there. How do you plan a party without completely wrecking that structure?” Easy….

Swap out the fun

It’s no sweat. Bizar Entertainment is aces at producing a dance-less party that still flows great. We just replace the dance sections in the standard schedule with other fun activities. What those activities are, is entirely up to you. Down for a glamorous night of chance? We’ll put together a casino night. Are your guests the competitive type? We’d love to put together a game-show party for you.

Take this amazing sans-dance kid’s party we put together recently. We took out the dancing and swapped it with competitive games. Think Double Dare, but way less mess. We broke the guests out into teams and gave them fun names. Then, during each module that had featured dancing, we had one team face off against another in a game. These included hula hooping, a bucket challenge, relay races and 20 person foosball. Champions and runners up alike received points and fake money. We added to the fun by using customized bright colored bills bearing the host’s name and smiling face. When all the competition was done, we kept the fun going for winners and non-winners with an auction. Everyone took their funny money and traded it in for a range of prizes. No one went home empty-handed.  No dancing-TONS of FUN!

That’s just one party idea. Even if you’d like to take dancing off the tables, the party possibilities are endless and can be completely customized on the host’s style, preferences and passions. Whatever fun you’re seeking, Bizar Entertainment is primed to put the perfect party together for you. Contact us when you’re ready to get started planning your dream event.