I recently met a great guy who makes a living driving for Uber. He pulls in a good chunk more in tips than your average rideshare jockey for one reason: MUSIC.

This man plays what his riders want to hear—not because he asks them (who wants to talk to their driver?), but because he reads them. Before they even park their butts in the backseat, he gets in a quick scan of their age, gender, clothes and other personal characteristics—he picks a station that fits their personality, then drives off. They ride with a smile, exit in a good mood, and leave him with a healthy tip because he’s an ace at giving people what they want.

If you’re planning a party or gala, you have to play musical matchmaker in a similar way–but the more ears to entertain, the more difficult the job. How can you put together a playlist with varying styles, genres and eras to make all the attendees happy? Turn to a professional for help–this is the kind of challenge we constantly rise to. We’ve got tons of experience setting events up with the perfect DJ, live band, or both, with a talent for moving even the most diverse crowds. This is particularly important for occasions like charity galas or museum member events, where a good time had by all means more money earned for a good cause.

Here are a few professional secrets we’d like to share with you.

Pick the perfect package

The musical entertainment isn’t the only thing we can provide. Add an interactive auctioneer, and your charity bash can move your guests to open up their wallets. We can help you come up with a creative theme that inspires the crowd. And, if you can’t pick between a DJ and a live band, we can bring a combo act that enlivens your event with a custom, classy musical experience.

If you can’t dance to it, don’t play it

Most folks that dig music have songs in their repertoire that they love but aren’t suitable for the dance floor. For example, Nirvana’s take on the Lead Belly ballad “In the Pines,” many would say is a great, even classic, tune. It’s slow, though, and dark. If you’re trying to get toes tapping, it’s a good idea to stay clear of songs about murder. That goes for Adelle and Sam Smith too.

Keep it classy

Weddings, bar mitzvahs and other family gatherings frequently count small ones among the guests. Other events, like charity galas and corporate parties, are likely to have adults in attendance who lean toward the proper side and don’t care for bawdy, explicit lyrics. Make sure to stay with songs that are popular but appropriate to ensure you don’t accidentally offend anyone and everyone is still having the best time.  At Bizar, all of our music is clean (radio edited)

We want everyone at your party to have an epic experience.   Reach out to Bizar Entertainment, and we’ll put together a package and playlist that ensures everyone attending your event has an outstanding time—whether they’re young, or just young at heart.